Two New Carbon Minerals

Including Ewingite: The Most Structurally Complex Mineral on Earth.


Read about the two latest carbon mineral discoveries.

(Right) Photo of ewingite by Travis Olds.


The Carbon Mineral Challenge

A worldwide hunt for new carbon minerals

The Carbon Mineral Challenge sets the stage for both professional and amateur mineral collectors to make their mark by discovering never-before described minerals. Researchers predict at least 145 of Earth’s carbon-bearing minerals remain undiscovered. How many can collectors find by 2019?


Carbon Mineral Challenge Featured in Science News
15 October 2016 cover of Science News

15 October 2016 cover of Science News

Science News interviewed project investigator Daniel Hummer (Southern Illinois University, USA) and physicist Jordi Ibáñez-Insa (Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera, Spain) for their cover story in the 15 October 2016 issue. Read the article here.