Discovery Team
Anthony R. Kampf
George R. Rossman
Chi Ma
Donato Belmonte
Cristian Biagioni
Fabrizio Castellaro
Luigi Chiappino



Verified December 2017   


Ramazzoite is the first mineral found in nature that contains a polyoxometalate cation, or positively charged ion. Polyoxometalate ions are made up of clusters of metal atoms bound together by oxygen atoms. While scientists have produced many compounds with polyoxometalate anions (negatively charged ions) in the laboratory, polyoxometalate cations are extremely rare. Another unique feature of ramazzoite is that it has a large variety of anions. Typically, a mineral has just one or two types of anion, but ramazzoite contains four–phosphate, carbonate, hydroxide, and sulfate–making ramazzoite a truly extraordinary find.

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References: European Journal of Mineralogy, Mindat | Report an error or offer more information
Ramazzoite crystals on/with black goethite and orange lepidocrocite. Field of view is 0.5 mm across. Photo by Anthony Kampf, published in European Journal of Mineralogy

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