Discovery Team
Alessandro Guastoni
Fabrizio Nestola
Paolo Gentile
Federico Zorzi
Sergio Andò
Alessandra Lorenzetti
Vittorio Mattioli



Verified October 2017   


Marchettiite is an organic ammonium hydrogen urate formed by circulation of meteoric waters at low temperatures, and enriched with soluble altered biological material. This mineral is essentially a molecule of ammonia combined with a molecule of uric acid, with biological origins that can be traced to the urine or feces of a bird or other animal. Type material is deposited in the collections of the Museum of Mineralogy, University of Padova, Via Giotto 1, I-35122, Padova, Italy, catalogue number MMP M17892.

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Scanning electron microscope (SEM) image of marchettiite. Courtesy of Fabrizio Nestola.

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Marchettiite. scanning electron microscope (SEM) image of marchettiite. Courtesy of Fabrizio Nestola, colorized by Josh Wood.

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