Discovery Team
Anthony R. Kampf
Aaron J. Celestian
Barbara P. Nash
Joe Marty



Verified April 2018   


The name phoxite reflects the fact that the mineral contains both phosphate (ph) and oxalate (ox) groups, and is the only mineral that contains both of these groups as essential constituents. The mineral was found by two of the authors, Tony Kampf and Joe Marty, underground at the Rowley mine in a hot and humid area of the mine in an unusual bat guano-related, post-mining assemblage of phases. Phoxite crystal intergrowths comprise portions of the interiors and rims of circular masses, presumably related to bat excrement. The same area of the mine recently yielded the new (non-carbon-bearing) mineral rowleyite, which has a microporous framework structure that is among the most porous known. Several more potentially new carbon-bearing minerals from this assemblage are currently under study.

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Phoxite. FOV 0.683mm. Credit Anthony Kampf.

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