Discovery Team
Francesco Demartin
Italo Campostrini
Paolo Ferretti
Ivano Rocchetti



Verified May 2018   


This copper-bearing oxalate mineral was found in the carbon-rich Dolomite Mountains of Italy.

Read more about the mineral in Fiemmeite of the Dolomites.


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Fiemmeite crystals (blue) on coalified wood with baryte and devilline. Base width 3 mm. Photo by Ivano Rocchetti.

References: Mindat, Minerals 2018, 8(6), 248 | Report an error or offer more information
Fiemmeite aggregates with olivenite on coalified wood. Image obtained from: Demartin, F.; Campostrini, I.; Ferretti, P.; Rocchetti, I. (2018) Fiemmeite Cu2(C2O4)(OH)2·2H2O, a New Mineral from Val di Fiemme, Trentino, Italy. Minerals: 8: 248. (CC BY 4.0).

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