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A carbon-hydrogen mineral. Other carbon-hydrogen minerals include: dinite, evenkite, fichtelite, hartite, idrialite, kratochvílite, 'phylloretine', ravatite, simonellite, "voltzite" (carbon-hydrogen sulfur), and not IMA-accepted adamantane and naphthalene.

Mindat notes the main structural motif is an aromatic phenanthrene moiety (compare ravatite) with attached axial methyl group and a disordered propen-2-yl (methylvinyl) terminal group.

References: European Journal of Mineralogy, Mindat | Report an error or offer more information
Colourless crystals of wampenite on fossil wood (originally obtained as fichtelite). Sample analyzed by XRD in November 2015. Picture size 6 mm. Photographer and collector Thomas Witzke .

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