Discovery Team
Yang, H.
Gibbs, R.B.
Gu, X.
Evans, S.H.
Downs, R.T.
Jabrin, Z.



Verified March 2019   


Named after Warren Lazar—the source of the sample. The first natural crystalline glycolate mineral. Type material at University of Arizona Mineral Museum, 1601 E University Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85719, USA, catalog # 22052 (holotype); RRUFF project, deposition # R180026 (cotype).


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Lazaraskeite, courtesy Rruff.

Microprobe Fragment. The C content of 22.6(2) wt.% was obtained from an Elemental Combustion System equipped with mass spectrometry. Crystals are easily damaged by electron beam (lower photo). Notes and image courtesy Rruff.

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Lazaraskeite crystals, courtesy Rruff.

cc 2019. Carbon Mineral Challenge.